Membrane Development

Capability Title Membrane Development
Laboratory Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Capability expert Jian Liu

PNNL has capabilities in manufacturing prototype membranes using advance sorbent materials and composites for gas and liquid separation applications.  This capability is accompanied by the associated performance testing equipment for both gaseous and liquid separations.  PNNL has licensed technology associated with commercial-scale production of non-polymer membranes to Molecule Works, Inc.

PNNL’s membrane seeding and growth system can be used to produce inorganic novel membrane prototypes up to 13 cm x 13 cm in size for subsequent evaluation.  PNNL’s membrane permeation testing capability is designed to evaluate 1-in diameter membrane coupons inside of an environmentally controlled chamber.  The system is capable of up evaluating up to 100 ml/min of liquid flow, up to 5 bar and up to 200°C.

Limitations  None
Unique aspects  PNNL’s membrane seeding and growth system can be applied to a wide range of inorganic membranes. The membrane permeation test system can handle both liquid phase and gas phase measurement with well controlled temperature, pressure and flow rate. It can be configured with GC and MS to measure multicomponent permeation for applications such as pervaporation and gas separation.
Availability Capabilities are available for consideration to new clients.
Citations/references Liu et al., Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2016, 55, 13, 3823-3832