Analytical PicoProbe

Capability Title  Analytical PicoProbe – High Spatial Resolution Imaging and Analysis
Laboratory Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Photon Science Division
Capability experts Nestor J. Zaluzec
Description   The Analytical Picoprobe is an ultra-high-resolution 30-300 kV analytical scanning/transmission electron microscope.  Having aberration correcting optics and capable of creating electron probe sizes  as small as 50 pm,  it will also be equipped with advanced detectors for imaging and x-ray spectroscopy, together with a variety of specimen holders for imaging, diffraction, tomography and in-situ observation.
Limitations Typical specimens should be <50 nm thick, in-keeping with standard scanning/transmission electron microscope investigations.  The highest spatial resolution will be realized for ultra thin materials  studied in UHV. In-situ holders permit  observation in gaseous and liquid environment but at correspondingly reduced resolution. Specimen preparation facilities are the responsibility of collaborators.
Unique aspects Imaging and characterization of thin specimens at spatial resolution varying from microns to sub-nanometers.
Availability Commissioning in Winter 2018 to be followed by collaborative research access using peer-reviewed proposals